Complaints and inquiries

1. The chief editor is responsible for receiving and responding to the complaint .

2. The complaint shall be referred to the members of the editorial board for decision and inform the complainant .

3. Complaint about refusing the research and refraining from publishing it is unacceptable , because the rejection of the research will be based on scientific reasons .

4. The researcher has the right to submit a complaint to the editorial board in case that his research is accepted and not published for a long period exceeding the period of publication two consecutive issues of the journal .

5. The editorial board is not obliged to respond to all complaints in case they contradict with the scientific principles of the journal .

6. Any form of complaint that does not comply with the general rules of the journal and the conditions of its publication will be neglected.

7. Complaints and inquiries should be send through the journal's website or by the email. [email protected]