Publication charge policy and waiver policy statement 

political sciences Journal is an open access journal, so there are no subscription fees. The journal is charged for a single accepted manuscript The publication fees is (145,000) IQD , or $100 for authors residing outside Iraq to support publishing service costs. The journal will not charge for the manuscript until it is accepted for publication and not affect any editorial decisions.  

The journal waiver policy statement is:

-No fees required for developing countries with low income countries according to the World Bank Country classification by Income level.

For more information about world bank country and lending groups see this link

While other authors should pay the publishing fee as follows:

Author residing in Iraq: The amount of (145,000) IQD for publication fees after acceptance of the manuscript.

Authors residing outside Iraq have to pay the fee publication of $100.

Payment method: the payment can pay through:

  1. Money transfer services for Iraqi residing authors.
  2. Western Union for authors residing outside Iraq to the following address:

Name:  SAFAA RAHEEM ISSA (صفاء رحيم عيسى)
Passport No.: A11193704
Tel: +964 7709322088

Address: College of political science, University of Baghdad,
Baghdad, Iraq.

After sending your payment, please provide the scan copy of payment
and inform us via journal’s email ([email protected]).
political sciences Journal
College of political science
University of Baghdad
Al-Jadirya/ Baghdad