Decentralization in Iraq: Addressing The State – Society Gap

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Hashim Haydar Khashan Al-Rikabi


The implementation of decentralization in Iraq was asymmetrical, leading to different forms and paces of implementation. Comparing four cases of Basra, Kirkuk, Nineveh, and Sulaymaniyah indicate that these cases differ in their political stability and autonomy in a way that led to a different forms of decentralization. This paper argues that the higher the level of political autonomy from the federal government, the more efficient the governance model, and the more efficient the governance model, the more legitimate the system (trust), and the more legitimate a system, the more accountable elected officials. Therefore, it recommends reforming the institutional setup of decentralization by having districts, instead of provinces, as the building block of decentralization.

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Al-Rikabi, H. H. K. (2022). Decentralization in Iraq: Addressing The State – Society Gap. Political Sciences Journal, (64), 356–339.


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